Third meeting

The third project meeting with all partners took place in Kdyně, Czech Republic from 12th till 17th of May 2013.



On the occasion of the third project meeting all comenius partners made their way to Kdyne in Czech Republic. In total 16 teachers and 35 students have been guests at Masarykova zakladni skola Kdyne, making it the biggest meeting in this project so far.


After a warm welcome on the schoolyard, every student was picked up by his /her host-family and the teachers could enjoy a delicious barbecue, prepared by the staff.


The first official day started with a welcome meeting in the town hall. The mayor himself, Jan Löffelmann, welcomed the teachers from all over Europe in his town. Even the local TV-station reported about this event. After exchanging presents from each partner-country the mayor showed his guests round in the history museum and was able to tell lots of interesting details of cultural relevance. Afterwards the teachers visited the first school of Kdyne, where they could enjoy some songs by the choir and see an English-lesson. Meanwhile the guest-students could get a taste of the lessons together with their hosts.


Culture and history then also have been the main topics of the first Comenius workshop in school. After enjoying lunch in the school-canteen each partner presented a video, dealing with the live and circumstances in the specific regions 100 years ago. These films then were followed by the presentation of typical traditional recipes, which will be collected and published in a calendar.


In the evening the teachers and the school staff met for bowling. The Czech teachers offered lots of delicious homemade food but you could instantly burn the calories on the bowling alley.


On the following day teachers as well as students went on a day-trip to the city of Pilsen. While the students spent a lovely time in the zoo and dinosaur-park, the teachers took part in a guided tour in the brewery of “Pilsener Ur-Quell”, the birth-place of all Pils-Type beers. Impressed by the modern bottling plant and the highly technological processes, the Comenius-team also got the chance to have a look at the traditional way of brewing. In the spacious basement vault, originally used for storing because of its cool temperatures, everyone was offered a glass of traditionally brewed and in a wooden cask matured beer. The beer had the perfect temperature, namely 8°C, and had a delicious taste. But as in the basement there was the same temperature, nobody asked for a second glass J


In the afternoon teachers and students went to the Pilsen museum of puppets and marionettes, were you have a look at different puppet characters and marvel the art of a puppeteer. Afterwards everyone had to protect his head with a helmet because the group went downwards. On a guided tour all through the historic basement vault, extending beneath the whole city, ti was easy to imagine how live in medieval times in Pilsen must have been. Seeing daylight again, there was enough time to stroll and to buy some souvenirs in the wonderful city centre.


The morning of the following day was used for intensive Comenius work. Tasks have been shared and the next meeting in Luxemburg has been arranged. After that everyone went to the gymnasium. After being spectators of a floorball-match of local students, the teachers had to prove their sporty talent. In a fast and pugnacious match between Czech teachers and the cross-European Comenius team, nobody wanted to lose. Cheered by all the students the Comenius Teacher team had to surrender and face the 2:3 score.


In the afternoon the teachers started a trip to the Chodsko-region. The first stop was the pictorial Domazlice. Not only the teachers but also several students together with their host-families came to the small town for strolling and shopping. The next stop then was the house where the writer Jindrich Simon Boar was born. After a short stopover at the beautiful viewpoint with the Cerchov-memorial the trip went on to the Comenius dinner.


The European guests could enjoy typical meals and see a stunning presentation of kids and youth in traditional costumes. Performing folkloric dances and playing on traditional instruments like the Czech bagpipe, they created a really nice atmosphere on this wonderful evening.


In the morning of the last day the teachers visited the primary school. The young hosts welcomed them with lots of self-made crafts and musical performances. Meanwhile the German and Luxembourgian students started to say good-bye to their new friends, after the guest from Italy and Greece had already left in the early morning. Lots of tears went along with the final parting. With numerous precious memories on board the bus then finally started heading towards home.


All partners are already looking forward to meeting again in Luxembourg in October. Thank you again to the Czech partners who organised a wonderful meeting.


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