First Meeting

First Comenius-Meeting in Romania (Barlad)

The first project meeting with all partners took place at Barlad/Romania from 14th till 18th of October 2012. The staff of Şcoala Gimnaziala “George Tutoveanu” as well as the host families welcomed teachers and students from the partner countries Germany, Luxemburg, Czech Republic, Italy, Greece and Turkey. “Living in a multicultural Europe without losing our own identity” is the title of this European school partnership program with the aim of the formation of active and motivated citizens of Europe with the awareness of being a part of a European community enriched by each member’s individual culture. The first meeting was a great opportunity for all the participants to mingle with the new project partners and the Romanian teachers and students made a great effort of bringing their individual culture closer to their European guests. All the partners could get a great impression of the rich and traditional Romanian culture. Cordially welcoming ceremonies in traditional clothing, performances by students in the categories of singing, dancing, acting and sports as well as guided tours to places of historic relevance are just a glimpse of the events the Romanian hosts arranged; not to forget the huge variety of traditional Romanian food the guest could enjoy on countless occasions. Moreover the Comenius guests had the opportunity to learn new teaching methods when being visitors in different lessons of the Romanian team what started an already fruitful exchange amongst the partners about educational methodology. During this first meeting all the participating schools gave presentations on the region they are living in, elements of their culture and tradition, their school itself and the project work they have done so far. So everybody could get a foretaste of what is awaiting the project partners in the future project meetings and during the two-years-period of project work. Furthermore a detailed plan has been put in place as to how, in the next two years, the partner schools want to work together. Tasks have been shared between the schools and the next meeting in Turkey has been arranged.

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